When it comes to craft beer, real ale, stouts, IPAs, lagers (the list continues) it is safe to say the water of definition is murky for the un-initiated. Here we hope to give you an insight into the differences between keg beer and real ale, what types of real ale we serve and an invitation to Danny’s Oktoberfest!

Over the last forty years the British beer brewing scene has changed immeasurably. Low-quality, lightly flavoured beers pushed by a few large conglomerates have fallen out of favour with a growing minority. Craft beers and real ales are back in vogue and small craft breweries are popping up all over the country. The advent of CAMRA (the campaign for real ale) in the 1970s fuelled the flames of discontent with tasteless mass-produced beers and helped with the introduction of fully-flavoured cask ales to the masses

Keg beer is created through fermentation in a brewery, conditioned, chilled, filtered and pasteurised to make a non-living product. Real ale on the other hand is still alive; instead of the yeast being removed through pasteurisation the ale goes through secondary fermentation within its cask.

Here at Danny’s Craft Bar real ale is important to us; we serve Doombar and Golden Best on two of our three hand-pumps. In the year since we first opened Danny’s we have experimented with our selection of ales and the number that we have on tap at any one time. Unfortunately, due to the relatively small number of ale drinkers amongst our clientele we have reduced down to two well-known ales. This offering is however something we would like to change…Enter Hop Back Brewery!

Hop Back Brewery was conceived in 1986 in The Wyndham Arms of our very own Salisbury! Over the next two years Hop Back won several CAMRA awards and purchased a second venue in Southampton; The Waterloo Arms. Fast forward to the present day and Hop Back owns 7 venues that sell their ales and brews 6 different well-respected permanent ales and 12 monthly specials on rotation.

From Thursday 6th to Sunday 9th October we will be hosting Danny’s Oktoberfest in partnership with Hop Back Brewery! Join us for SEVEN real ales on our bar, a live band on Friday 7th October and sample our delicious German hot dogs – exclusively available for Danny’s Oktoberfest.

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